Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Franka and the flowers

Franka, our point and shoot aluminium camera from 1958, detects all the plants in the City, wherever they hide.
© Paolo Saccheri

Secrets of Genoa

Franka discovers a secret Genoa.
©Paolo Saccheri

Portatori Cristo

Only in Liguria, North-West coast of Italy, are the Christ bearers, gathered in congregations or "casacce". Strong men who carry in the processionheavy crucifixes and processional cabinets. A tradition that has its roots in the Middle Ages, with the formation of early congregations that dealt with religious rites and carried out social and humanitarian functions.

Here, for the Patron Saint Day San Giovanni Battista, the procession reached the sea where the Archbishop blessed the port and the ships.
© Paolo Saccheri

Monday, July 2, 2012

in flight

How about making your head turn trying to follow the crazy flight and sound of swifts in the late evening skies... unable to control Franka's shutter 
© Paolo Saccheri