Tuesday, October 14, 2014

goodbye to franka

Franka left Zagreb today. I hope she will find her way to Italy, safe and sound. We had some great moments together and I am happy being part of this wonderful project. Thank you Ulf.


marco eugenio said...

Ksenija, you did a great job with Franka
Now it's my turn, I' m waiting !

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

such a great project, ksenija... i've loved every image, every step we took with you and our beloved franka. i know i'll go back & revisit your images often, and will look forward to seeing marco's time with franka too.

thank you again for taking us with you <3

Ksenija Spanec said...

Thank you Marco. I am sure you will do very nice photos with franka. Let's us see your city and it's pepole :) (hope franka will arrive to you safely)

Ksenija Spanec said...

Dear Jude I am always happy when reading your comments. Thak you for your kindness <3